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The story you need to tell

Stories are about people and history and lessons and love and life. You and your special someone met, found love, explored life and are about to make a commitment before all who are near and dear. Your story should be part of your celebration of your union and the...

Paris, My Why

Paris is one of the places in the world where all things cultural are present. It is the mecca of arts, music, architecture, history, food, drink, fashion, languages, religion, design, inspiration. As a gold standard it can be the bar that every city may aspire. That...

Featured Venue


Middleton Place

A special destination venue. Old colonial plantation just 45 minutes outside of Charleston.

We love weddings!


Our very own Wedding Event Manager. Christina sources decor, coordinates vedors, manages our wedding calendar, and adores weddings!


Mel is our Certified Wedding Planner. Full of insight and experience. Mel researches and tracks down every resource for her wedding designs. 


Our wedding day Event Captian is always on the look out for how we can deliver the best service possible.

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