The wedding world is filled with amazing designs and options; from food to décor to entertainment. Many wedding parties can’t fit celebrations into a single day and are now three day events. Brilliant for those who can afford the budget, the time, and love to party endlessly.

If we had to pick our favorite scale for a wedding it would be a very simple two day affair, no more than 50 people. Day one the most special people in your life gather at a special destination, a place that makes your heart sing! Rehearsal and after a wonderful dinner. Then sweethearts family and friends part for the night and come together the following day for a wedding ceremony and reception. After which the lucky couple departs for a romantic honeymoon.

A wedding on the scale of 10 – 50  can be gorgeous, value added and filled with bespoke touches. It also won’t break the bank!

Keep in mind that the average wedding in 2019 was $34,000.00 and has 150 guest…after the wedding dress and cake, weddings average $186 per guest.

Bliss and a Kiss shows our couples how to have an incredibly special day, exquisite dress, in a wonderful venue, with a gorgeous tasty cake, fab meal, and fun entertainment, for a budget ranging from $6,000 – $20,000.00!

The size, day of week, time of day location and meal all make a big difference in price…and creativity. It can be great fun to think out of the box and do something that you and your guests will remember and talk about forever! Big and bold is not always memorable for the right reasons.

We just adore the tranquility of venues with beautiful grounds, pastures, woods and picturesque architecture. Equally fun is a grand ballroom accommodating loads of dancing and cheerful merriment.

Live Music vs DJ, and Food Trucks vs Catering, Craft Cocktails vs. Micro Brews, are all elements that a small wedding can incorporate with ease. It’s all about knowing your options. It is also about finding the right team of coordinators and planners to lead the way.

Bliss and a Kiss wants our clients to have the wedding of their dreams. We are the team to call if your seeking a value added bundled service wedding with very little stress. We specialize in small weddings 10 – 100 guests. While we happily work with larger parties, we do our best to serve those who need us most and appreciate the unique aspects of our value added packages.

As one of our clients recently said about our wedding packages for 50 guests;

Someone should write a song…then dance in the streets.”