Stories are about people and history and lessons and love and life. You and your special someone met, found love, explored life, and are about to make a wedding commitment before all who are near and dear. Your story should be part of your celebration of your union and the life before you as a couple.

The important thing is every couple has a story they should share…for really good reasons.

Boost your spirituality.  I once thought spirituality was intimately connected to a religion. It took time for me to identify a personal since of self. My spirituality is deeply routed in nature, something that has connected me to my heritage, many women in my family have been gardeners and cooks, healers and vets.  No matter what your connections to the world and each other, in the end you’ll discover clarification about who you are, what your life together is about, and what you both hold precious.

Clarify your self awareness. Customizing your wedding day helps you sort through the love, and the muddle of life, identifying and honoring personal dreams and ideas for this day. It is not unusual to say “I’m just not sure” yet it never feels good to be unclear about a since of identity. Those “I’m not sure” moments are Life’s invitation to get clear within yourself so that you can be in a state of harmony on your wedding day.

Be the princess of your story…

Bond with friends. Bonding with friends during wedding planning time is so important. With friends by your side its easier to learn to take risks, bravely try new things, and often this leads to a life long bond.

Validate the feminine and masculine aspect of your relationship. There is a uniqueness of every couples individuality and sharing our stories empowers us to value individuality and spirit, we give each other strength to be ourselves. Might as well sprinkle your personal glamorous glitter all around liberally because it IS very valuable – and every woman and man has his and her own special color and shine.

You owe it to yourself, find your story, make this par of your wedding celebration. In our quest to unfold the details of being a couple, and through conscious recognition, we enjoy the process. The story of your love longs to be shared.

If you tell your love stories, get passionate about your life together.