“There are so many doors to open. I am impatient to begin.”
~Charlie Gordan


Journey of Eight offers talent recruitment services through Reliant ES. JOE and RES collaborate; providing to our customers the talent needed for successful executive leadership and strategic development. RES has a special focus in Finance and Accounting, Development and IT professionals.

In this way JOE can help deliver and find specific unique talent for critical needs. RES has the ability to resource appropriate people for every project is dynamic.

RES provides talent acquisition for many of JOE’s services. JOE provides the coordination, oversight, design, leadership experience and creative elements for highly successful results!

Many of our clients are without the talent resources to successfully meet all demands of growth and sustainable development all the time. Some projects require temporary staff that are high performance and self directed.

Our clients can struggle with a deliverable and qualitative performance matrix. Some have little or no career advancement or training programs for talent secured directly; which causes turnover and burnout. Utilizing the collaborative resources of JOE and RES gives clients access to the most qualified in terms of sourcing, vetting, orienting, training all leading to higher performance and outcomes.

Great results are attainable by outsourcing talent search and this is the single focus of RES; successfully recruiting worldwide since 1996.

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“Our clients typically are without much middle management infrastructure, making executives and directors overwhelmed. The compensation required to hire talent independently in most cases is prohibitive and if short term (less than 5 years), subject to high unemployment tax and burdens to the overall organization.”  

-Dave Watson, Executive Director, RES

Highly qualified talent can feel out of reach; or at best an expensive gamble. RES offers affordable solutions with critical performance guarantees…providing little to no risk. The success of RES services is inspiring.


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Journey of Eight is enabling our clients to become the hero’s in a professional journey

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Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful…

John Wooden

“We resource our top tier contract talent through RES. Over the last six years our partnership with this service provider has brought sustainability and success to our healthcare programs.”

– Karen Beary, VP CCCF

Journey of Eight is a valuable Development resource for organizations, businesses and individuals; providing creative strategy and initiatives that generate meaningful results.