“Open the door…find yourself in Paris”

– Mel Miller

Worldly Women Writing…


This travel experience to Paris is for women who seek to immerse themselves in a writing project. We travel together for shared insights and inspiration. We travel together for support and sisterhood.

Many women find themselves dedicated to others; family and work. Often women forgo independent experiences; waiting on another persons schedule or needs.

Salvation is found in friendships; sisterhood in the company of girlfriends whose understanding and life experiences validate our own. Time in the company of other women is vital for personal development.



 We go to Paris in September, rates are good, so is the weather. We share an apartment and have no minimum number, our maximum is 8. You must be invited to reserve a space…invitations are giving to those who have previously attended a retreat. 

It could be challenging if we did not know each other before sharing this experience.

Once we close reservations we secure the appropriate size of apartment. SO we do not add to our number.

This experience is for 16 days, no one is required to follow any specific itinerary and each woman traveling is free to come and go, work and play.

We do have apartment rules and they are non negotiable. To start this is not a romantic retreat and no couples are allowed. While in Paris non registered guests are not permitted in the apartment (insurance and safety). More rules… yep, but we review these together before you pay a deposit.


Paris, yes please.

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I first experienced The Paris Journey in 2012. Mel hosted and was an amazing planner. I was traveling with my sister, who had never been to Paris.  I had been many times before. I just did not have time to coordinate everything. We wanted to write and blog, the trip was full of special experiences. Sharing the apartment was amazing, we had our own room, bath and plenty of privacy. The other women were fabulous! We had so much fun. The Paris Journey is perfect for women…stop procrastinating…GO!

Jenny Mills

Interior Designer

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The Paris Journey

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