“I have never been convinced there’s anything inherently wrong in having fun.” ~ George Plimpton

Development Services

Our knowledgeable team has expertise in various types of strategic development; executive leadership, organizational management, financial management and advisory.

Our services include:

  • business and strategic planning
  • research marketing
  • fundraising development
  • social media management
  • executive and board training

We regularly provide consulting services for;

  • capital campaign
  • endowment campaigns
  • strategic planning
  • financial development assessments 
  • executive leadership recruitment

The benefit of working with JOE is having the appropriate level of expertise uniquely required; based on the scale of each project.

The JOE consulting team are leadership experts in various fields associated with our service scope. Our principle consultants have prior successful careers in executive leadership and over two decades of consulting experience with a variety of clients.

Outstanding value, affordability and accountability.

“If your not willing to risk the unusual

you will have to settle

for the ordinary.”

~ Jim Rohn

The success of every initiative depends on strategic vision and commitment to accountability that contributes to sustainable outcomes.

In practice this requires planning that is centered in analysis, research, market awareness and understanding of target demographics, organizational and community values.

Our goal is to provide a valuable service plan that serves two primary purposes:


Market Awareness is about audience, community outreach, brand recognition and empathy.

Growth requires clear communication; a case for support, mission alignment, a call to action and creative points of engagement. To encourage participation and a dedicated, sustainable following…successful market awareness will tell a story, stimulate desire, compassion, support, leadership, education, interest and above all growth.

Our Market research methods are evidence based and have been tried and tested raising millions of dollars.


Sustainability is about best practices, manageable momentum, return on investments and long term relationships.

Every development plan should define a measure of required financial support, reasonable expectations for implementation and outcomes that support the primary activity or service.

Sustainability avoids exhausting resources and creatively rewards those who participate.


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“Successful development strategy creates fans; bringing great satisfaction and rewards to all participants.”

Mel Miller, Development Director, JOE

“Old empty chairs are not empty in reality; memories will always sit there.”

-Mehmet Murat Ildan

Journey of Eight is a valuable Development resource for organizations, businesses and individuals; providing creative strategy and initiatives that generate meaningful results.