Paris in the winter is a treasure of perfection. Just when the cold outside numbs fingers and toes the performing arts; music, ballet and opera are prime and sensational. Something about being inside warmed by soft light or intimate crowds is cozy and feel so personal.

A concert in February at Eglise de la Madeleine. Vivaldi sounds so great in this space…enjoy!

The Parisians are very community oriented and in the winter months everything feels warmer, smiles are bigger, crowds smaller and everyone a little more friendly. A long sit in a cafe by a fire is a welcome respite from long walks under grey skies. Hearty rich foods with plenty of red wine will keep your spirit warm and comforted.

Try Dining at Le Coupe-Chou in the 5th. Warm fireplace and a cozy meal. This charming ivy covered restaurant is wonderful and charming.

Paris is in her winter grey and this is when the light can change to a pale purple hue. Photography is moody and spectacular. If snow falls its white magic mingling with all the golden illuminated street lamps.

Visit Versailles on a winter day. The gardens are open and quiet, even free entry at times during the winter…check for scheduled openings.


This is the time of year when costs are lowest and travel on a budget reasonable. It is also the time to see Paris as a local, spending plenty of time inside with new friends who effortlessly make you feel welcome like family.

Try Eating with Locals in Paris. Cookening the new web based foodie network similar to airbnb will connect you to a local chef for private dinner parties!