Beauty is a combination of factors; looks, style and attitude! Anybody can look beautiful, if they feel beautiful. It’s no big secret…it’s as simple as that. Yet even what we know is simple can be a challenge to actually practice.

So how should we accomplish feeling beautiful? Shopping? Spa?…Travel? Gym? They are all worth pursuing. Each has its benefits and particularity for women its critical to schedule time in our busy lives to take care of our own beauty and development.

The fact is…your in charge of your life. Your in charge of being beautiful…feeling worthwhile. Are you the person you want to be? Do you feel beautiful, engaged and fulfilled in the life your leading?

The single most important step you can take is to schedule time for all the things that you have held in your heart or on your bucket list for self fulfillment and improvement. One that is probably the most challenging and easiest to excuse is travel.

I don’t have time, I don’t want to go alone, I don’t know where to go, stay, eat, the language or how to get there…sound familiar?

Taking time in a distant land to rejuvenate can be wonderful, offering growth and the ability to live for the experience each day brings. It is an important experience in self discovery and learning to love…because its one of the fastest ways to love yourself.

When getting away we want to feel at ease with ourselves, pleased with our daily reflection as the glow of new experiences sparkles in our eyes. We want time to ourselves and social experiences with others. We want solitude and the comfort of social connections.

It is critical that you also take time to rejuvenate your since of confidence before you travel by taking some time to focus on rest, exorcise, tools and treatments that pamper your beauty. It’s important that you plan, find travel companions or programs to assist you in organizing your journey.

Now that you’ve found JOE (Journey of Eight) you have your planning resource and a glamorous destination; Paris …all you need is to start working on some little steps to ready yourself…

It is important to feel beautiful and content with oneself when we embark on a new destination.It’s part of the rejuvenation process!


It will lead to confidence, contentment, and self-esteem. Achieving this feeling as a part of the preparation to a journey will have you at your best, glowing, and looking gorgeous in photos. You will be basking in being the new you.

Here are a few tips that will definitely help you feel beautiful and discover yourself…

Experience Beauty

A simple gesture, a compliment or an achievement will help you experience beauty by feeling good about yourself. Generate positive energy and help your loved see and share the beauty in your life. Take time to get out and socialize with others; especially women friends. Being loved and appreciated is the most important key to feeling beautiful.Art Symphony: Parisian Chic Style!
Dress Beautiful

Take time dressing up, admiring your best features and accentuating them. Dress stylish and trendy and you will feel beautiful, especially when you receive more attention than before. It is amazing how a bit of extra effort with your makeup and outfit will get you noticed.

Regina photographed by Easy Fashion Paris

Pamper Yourself Often

Indulge in extra comforts when you can afford it. Try a spa treatment or buying yourself new clothes or shoes, spending on yourself will help you feel good about yourself and make you feel beautiful. Stop with the guilt! Treat yourself!

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Smile a Lot

Smiling is the mirror to the soul, they say. So smile often and reach out to others. Smiling will always receive pleasing responses. It will accentuate your beauty and make people see you in a new light. But do remember to smile from your heart! Participate and give time to those activities you adore…meet new friends and smile!

Miss M's Girls Trip | Parisian Chic, ~LadyLuxury~

Favorite Things

Indulge in your favorite pastimes. A long, relaxing bubble bath, curling up in bed with a good book, spending time with friends, watching your favorite movie, listening to soothing music, anything that helps you relax and relieve stress. Finding time for yourself always makes you feel wonderful and beautiful.

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What are the benefits of feeling beautiful? Preparing for life’s adventure, growing and glowing from within… when you Travel Beautiful, it is the first step in finding yourself.

Improve your Self Confidence
Grown an Appreciation of Yourself and Your Surroundings
Makes yourself a Healthier Person
Enhance your Natural Beauty…the list is endless!!!!

Be the beautiful, interesting, fulfilled person you wish to be…and…Find Yourself in Paris with JOE! Journey of Eight hosts the annual Paris Journey in September ever year. The 2014 Paris Journey sold out in May 2014 and reservations for the 2015 Paris Journey from September 10-18,2015 will be excepted starting November 1, 2014. Early planning is the key to better prices and more options for this custom travel experience.


It is so important in life to feel beautiful. The rewards are miraculous and their impact on life is astounding. Anybody would agree, feeling beautiful is the best remedy in the world! So as you prepare for the travel and events ahead of you…Travel Beautiful!!

Get ready because your distant land of rejuvenation awaits…