Send a Student to Paris

FANS“Keep your best wishes,

close to your heart

and watch what happens”

~Tony DeLiso


Sending a dance student to Paris is Music to our ears!

The Orlando Ballet has many young adults training to become world class dancers. A dancers life is passion and hard work. These wonderful students dream of seeing, meeting instructors with the Paris Opera Ballet and visiting the Paris Opera Garnier! The birthplace of classical ballet! Most cannot afford this experience.

JOE seeks sponsors to contribute to the cost of one student attending our Paris Journey and help make a dream come true…

Our goal is to establish a relationship between our school in Orlando and the Paris Opera Ballet. Advancing this effort could result in very special rewards for our community and further the esteemed reputation of Orlando Ballet School.

Sponsorship starts at $2,000.00

Sponsorship is a fully tax deductible contribution to Orlando Ballet School!


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