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Paris is one of the places in the world where all things cultural are present. It is the mecca of arts, music, architecture, history, food, drink, fashion, languages, religion, design, inspiration. As a gold standard it can be the bar that every city may aspire. That is not to say every city should or could be the same, it is to say…be inspired.

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For better or worse this is a place of many faces, many challenges and many opportunities. Like all cities is has its share of drama. Like a Great City, it has always persevered and remained strong. The identity of Paris is part of our heritage…that’s right everyone’s heritage.

JOE chooses to travel and share The Paris Journey because this experience will provide cultural growth, inspiration, knowledge and delight. It really does not matter if the river swells, or terrorists strike. The fact is that can and will happen, sadly in many places in the world. If you stop your growth, your “joie de vivre” ends. Never stop growing, never stop being inspired, never stop doing the things you love.

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