While patrolling the internet for anything to do with Paris I found an article on AskMen which suggested that the average man cringes at the thought of traveling to Paris.

For them the “City of Light” lacks luster, as they see it Paris is “a city filled with America-hating wimps who sit around all day in cafes drinking wine and writing poems.”

Of course It doesn’t help that half the time they are being dragged there by their better half in search of a romantic getaway. NOT the typical Man’s cup of café… non? I am sad to say that I find this often to be true.

The problem is that there is a great deal of very masculine oriented aspects about Paris that often men seem to forget or not know about…

For one, did you know that the Eiffel Tower was only meant to stand for 20 years? When first erected many thought the Eiffel Tower was an eyesore… WHAT a giant metal phallic monument that overshadows Paris an eyesore?  Funny that it is now a symbol of Paris and France for that matter!

 The only reason it survived was because the French military realized it was an amazing long-range radio. Thankfully this amazing monument was saved even if only because it is very tall!

Another très cool thing about this monument; for a period of 40 years the Eiffel Tower was at 10,000 feet the tallest structure in the world… also the base pillars are oriented with the four points of the compass. Pretty sweet!

I am sure every man can appreciate this one, Paris was the birth place of the scandalous strip tease! Not surprised? Neither am I… after all the French are anything but uncomfortable with their sexuality.

In the 1880’s, Parisian shows, like the infamous Moulin Rouge featured scantily clad women dancing on stage which eventually developed into the removal of their clothes all together. Pourquoi non?

During the Age of Enlightenment, Paris became a hotspot for the bohemian revolution full of many artists, from writers to painters to sculptors.

Truly one of the most interesting periods in French history and Paris was at the center of it all!


This is when Paris became known as “La Ville-Lumière”, or the City of Light, but it was the light of thought that gave Paris its name not the lamps that line the streets.

In conclusion it really is ok if you don’t want to go to Paris because the woman in your life can now travel with JOE and who knows perhaps meet a Parisian who…loves Paris and women.