Perhaps you may gift, be given, adopt (we hope) or just stumble on a wonderful new animal friend. Finding the “purrfect”  name for your fur baby can be tons of Oh La La fun…

Bliss and a Kiss Weddings adores the kitty cats and puppy dogs of this world and we wish to help discover

Fun French Names…(for FUN!)

23 Amazing French Pet Names:

1- Bisous, which stands for kiss. It doesn’t get more France than this.
2- Etoile, literally meaning star. A very meaningful name to give your pet. Plus it’s ultra cool to pronounce.
3- Arobase, we thinks it’s very 21st century. It stands for the @ symbol. Great!
4- Bijoux, meaningful in more than one way. French for jewels. That is exactly what your pet is to you.
5- Cherie, a sweet and adorable name with an amazing ring to it. It means “dear”.
6- Incro, abbreviation from the word “incroyable”, incredible.
7- Jolie, a “pretty” word. Would make an amazing French cat name.

8- Mélange, very French-sounding indeed. It stands for “a mix of things”. Pet-proof!
9- Flemmard, meaning something like lazybones. For the more easy-going pets among us.
10- Doux, a short and soft spoken name. It stands for soft, mild. Extremely suitable for some house animals.
11- Pur, a clear cut name to give a pet. Meaning pure and clean.
12- Sain, a very round and zen word, meaning healthy. A super pet-able name.
13- Frai, so cool. A top 3 favorite of Ace Petnames. French for new, sweet.
14- Culotté, wanna have a very stand out pet name? Take this one! It’s “cheeky”.
15- Être, we are now heading towards the meaning of life…or something. “Reason de Être”, anyone?

16- Parler, a perfect fit for your talkative mongrel or cat.
17- Lune, this one takes its meaning from the galaxy above…moon. Beautiful.
18- Bébé, we just had to include this one. Destined to become a French cat name (or dog) favorite.
19- Noir, for those of you seeking a more “heavy“ international pet name. It means black.

20- Ravis, from the word “ravissant” meaning delightful. We’re delighted too…
21- Beauté, meaning beauty. A sure hit.
22- Terre, a very transcending and meaningful name. It means earth, ground
23- Aide, some pets, dogs especially, are like an assistant or help. Bingo.

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If you are considering a new pet please consider adoption. So many lovely animals need homes and are without the loving embrace or comfort of a soft resting place. Check with your local shelter and adoption centers.