We all know that french cuisine is one of the best in the world, but did you know that in 2010 the French style of preparing cuisine known as “French gastronomy” officially earned a spot on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

This list includes 981 aspects of cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value… needless to say it’s no pick-nick getting put on that list!

That’s right French cuisine is not only amazingly delicious but also considered such an important part of our world culture that measures have been taken to insure its survival.

In fact the significance of preserving this cuisine style is considered on par with monuments such as the Great Wall of China. .. yep its that good!

Technically it is not just the method with which the food is prepared, but the pairing of the food and wine.

Knowledge of the correct pairing of wine with the flavors incorporated in the food is a fundamental aspect of what is considered French gastronomy.

Acquiring this technique requires that the chef have not only knowledge of cuisine technique but wine and wine paring in addition to the delicious food. But wait there is more!

In addition to the food and drink there is a social aspect here too. A true French gastronomic meal includes high social interaction with the individuals you are sharing the meal with. The gastronomic meal emphasizes togetherness, while drinking wine and an exquisite meal.

Here in Winter Park, FL we are very lucky in that we have the ability to try this piece of our heritage in our very own backyard. Such an experience can be found at Café de France, on Park Avenue right here in Winter Park.

Each month they host a Wine Dinner which includes four wines and four courses, each paired to perfection. Part of your experience includes sitting with new faces, and sharing the experience with them.These dinner are a perfect example of this timeless piece of World Heritage, and I highly recommend that you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

And of course there is always France where the true cuisine experience of a lifetime awaits you…