Many would argue that the art of love has only been perfected by one culture…the French. There is a reason the capital is nick named “The City of Love”, non?
It is no surprise that the holiday of “Saint Valentin” or “Valentine’s Day” is often expressed best with the help of the French!! There is something about receiving gifts from Paris that always will be ridiculously romantic.
Get ready to swoon…

1) Parisian Chocolates

Whose heart would not skip a beat to be handed a box of chocolate labeled “Paris”. There is no better place to buy bonbons’ than from Debauve & Gallais’ Chocolat, a Parisian confectioneries that date back several generations of perfection in hand made chocolate treats.

To make your heart beat just a little faster these chocolates laid out in the official trademark blue, gray, and gold embossed box were handmade exclusively for royalty until finally becoming available to the public in 1913.

2) French Lingerie (That won’t break the bank)


Ladies all love a special set of lingerie…it just makes us feel better about the feminine mystique…however, $500 on underwear can be a little much. Fear not… is here to save the day!

Seek out that special something to feel as if you stepped out of a Paris lingerie boutique but not pay the price of one.
I promise that whoever sees you in these little beauties won’t know the difference. For the gentleman reading this… shame on you, go get your woman something very expensive and beautiful! I promise you she deserves it!!!

3) Milk Chocolate Tea from Paris
For those of you that have a tea-holic in your life, how about a Parisian tea that actually tastes like milk chocolate? Yes, my friends, it really does exist! Thé Oolong Lacté has a milky flower taste giving the drinker the experience of the flavor of milk chocolate. The master mind behind this blend is French chocolate enthusiast Chloe Doutre-Roussel, owner of Chloe Chocolat.

4) Romantic Destinations

If you have not been to the top of the Eiffel Tower to kiss your sweetheart…it’s time to GO! Yep that’s right just hop on a plane fly to Paris this second…ok, well that’s not going to happen. HOWEVER, that does not mean you can’t go somewhere special. Think back on your relationship and pick a place that was meaningful to both of you…

the first place you held her hand…

the place you like to call “yours”…


Places hold memories and that can be more powerful than any “gift”.

5) Macarons!!!!

The best dessert ever to be created by mankind…what can we say they are just that good.
Make someone smile when they see a box of French Macarons. Each bite brings a little bit of Paris in to your life. Real French Macarons can be purchased from Macaron Café… or if you are lucky enough to have a Macaron shop near you even better!! Remember freshly made is the key!!

We hope you enjoy our little list of Romantic Parisian ideas for Valentine’s Day and don’t forget you can ALWAYS sign yourself up for The Paris Journey and allow Journey of Eight to customize a destination experience that cannot be replicated for you and your loved one to cherish for a life time!