Food has always been a symbol of culture. It is the one thing we all have in common our love for a good meal.

But the culinary world is changing, food is no longer just for nourishment it has become an art form.
…And chefs are the artist


People pay thousands of dollars and travel across the globe just to experience food prepared by a particular chef.

In 2012 the food network had an average of 1.1 million viewers per night in America alone. We don’t even care about eating the food…as long as we can see chefs make it!

Just as every painting is different, every plate is unique. Each chef has his or her own form of expression, style and background. Each explores flavor, technique and visual to create their own individual kind of food.

It is the creation of visual edible art. Not to get too flowery on you but… there is also something even more amazing about each dish that you eat because it is immediately destroyed.

Even if the dish can be recreated it will never be exactly the same.

Every culinary experience is completely different, just like every song, painting and sculpture.


It has the power to make us happy, sad, excited and frustrated. It is the thing closest to our hearts. It is what literally keeps us going.

To every great chef and those aspiring to become one I say “bravo” and “encore!”

Who’s hungry?