Such a lovely French Actress captured by Édouard Manet. As detailed in the New York Times the impressionist works has sold for a very large some and surprisingly trumped the previous weeks trend of surrealism being the big ticket wave! Wow..what a bidding war and the selling price staggering!

In some ways to see this impressionist work leave the private sector bound for a lovely museum on the west coast is bitter sweet. While all of us can soon travel out to the Getty for the future showing of this beauty, the fact that paintings like these are no longer hanging mysteriously in the old salons and apartments of collectors around the world somehow seems sad.

Imagine works of art like this appearing from the private hands that have treasured them for generations; it’s like a curtain parting, allowing us to peek into a world far away from our meager day to day lives.

How exciting and wondrous to think about the homes and people who can say “yes, we have a small Manet in the hall, it’s been there as long as I can remember”. Makes me feel like this gracious lofty world is still magically intact and even if it’s only in my dreams, I may fantasize being part of it!

I would love to have a Monet, a Renoir, a Caillebotte and or even a Pissarro to hang in my home some day. Perhaps if I ever come into wealth I will buy my apartment in Paris and go to the auctions at Christie’s… out bid those dealers representing the great museums and purchase that rare gem of a magnificent work of art!

Not to worry, I shall be generous and regularly send my painting out for public shows and viewings so others may glimpse behind the curtain and hold on to their dreams and think “someday…”.

In Paris this past summer at the Musée Marmottan; Monet works still held by private collectors were on display. Fifty lenders from France,the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Great Britain and Italy. This exhibition was a unique opportunity to discover paintings which for the most part that have never been seen by the public eye. …how long before some of these are at a Christie’s auction?

Oh to dream…someday perhaps we may collect some great Art to call our own.

For more about the auction read the complete article below from the New York Times! Enjoy!

A Manet Portrait Fuels High Priceson a Competitive Night for Christies